New Egypt Group of Houseboats

The distinctive experience of staying in a wood paneled elegant bedroom along with a host of other facilities in the New Egypt Group of Houseboats- in Srinagar goes a long way in making your stay worthwhile and memorable. The New Egypt Group of Houseboats; provide you with all the luxury that an up market hotel would normally provide. The fantastic view of the lakes, mountainp_0010 slopes and the sprawling gardens that Srinagar is famous for are all viewable from these Kashmir houseboats.

Houseboat were introduced accidentally in Kashmir. Most of British Civil and Military officers serving in the plains used to come to Kashmir with their families for holidays. They wanted to built houses for themselves but the Maharaja (King) of Kashmir of that time was suspicious of their designs and did not allow them to buy land, so they built the first Houseboat- named Victory designed by Mr M T Kenhard in 1888.
Later other copied this design and now there are about 500 Houseboats in Srinagar for commercial purpose .house-boat-honeymoon-srinagar-b

The thousand or so Kashmir houseboats in Srinagar are moored along Dal and Nagin Lakes and River Jhelum. Some have Romantic names. Other still are named in keeping with the beauty of the place.

The luxury category of New Egypt Group of Houseboats– speak of class and elegance with wooden paneled bedrooms, balconies, fine dining experience and a host of other recreational facilities. The lowest living-roomcategories of New Egypt Group of Houseboats are sparingly furnished but provide you with comfortable rooms and sumptuous meals.

On board the New Egypt Houseboat in Srinagar there are every comfort that a discerning customer wants. The rooms are incorporated with the latest amenities for a hassle free stay. Privacy is well maintained in the houseboats. You can visit many places while in these houseboats or can also rent a shikhara which can be seen moored alongside the houseboats